Your Face To Shine Upon

When my girls were much smaller, younger than they are now, we had a neighborhood carpool in which the parents took turns driving the kids to school and picking them up at the end of the day. It worked well because we were all busy working families and the extra set of hands helped. It…Read more »

We, The Memory Keepers

Part of the human experience, for me anyway, is to keep the memories of those who have gone before. Of times…of moments that were pivotal in each life as well as those which impacted our collective experience. It is why I love, LOVE to read and study history – always have! It is the collection…Read more »

While Searching For The Fairies…

I found myself reminded recently of the power of awe to transform understanding and outlook. It happened while walking with my three-year old granddaughter. Her exuberance for all things buggy, wiggly and muddy made me stop and reconsider how I viewed the worm in the garden or the giant writing spider on the bean vines.…Read more »